The official position statement from Town of Plymouth’s Department of Public Health is that vaccination’s for vaccine preventable diseases are safe when administered accordingly based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidelines.

The current outbreaks of measles in 2019 alone, so far, are of concern and we want to ensure that the Town of Plymouth remains a healthy, vibrant and enjoyable place for all residents and visitors. Please read the official advisory below regarding the prevention of measles and other vaccine preventable illnesses in the Town of Plymouth. Please ensure that you obtain your vaccinations and are practicing the proper measures if you are exposed to measles, particularly during international travel.

Measles Public Health Advisory

You can access the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for immunizations here:

  1. Adults (19 years of age  and older) –
  2. Children (birth to 18 years of age ) –

Updated on May 8, 2019