Public Health Measles Advisory Notice: 

The Plymouth Department of Public Health (PDPH) has been working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) regarding the known case of Measles and the times of exposure reported in the Town of Plymouth via the MDPH. The PDPH has determined, with collaboration from the KKaties restaurant and our school facilities, that all vaccination compliance measures are met in accordance with CDC guidelines among those who may have come into contact with the known measles case. Therefore, we are providing clarification and assurance to the public through this statement that the situation is under control. As of today, there is no further threat associated with this specific situation in any restaurant or school facility in the Town of Plymouth.

–Updated April 2, 2019—

Public Health CBD Advisory:

The Plymouth Public Health Department is advising that food and retail establishments to stop selling CBD products unless they can demonstrate the product comes from an approved source. Click here for a detailed document explaining this further.

–Updated on 5 February, 2019–