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Q: What is the difference between the Town of Plymouth’s Board of Health and their Public Health Department?

A: In the Town of Plymouth, the Board of Health is the regulatory section with appointed (not elected) members from the Town of Plymouth. The Plymouth Public Health Department conducts day-to-day operations and enforces the regulations that help to shape the public’s health in the Town of Plymouth.

Q: Can I make electronic payments for a license/permit and submit it online directly to the Public Health Department?

A: Electronic payments for items such as licenses/permits directly to the Public Health Department are scheduled to occur in 2018. Please look out for an announcement soon.

Q: Can I submit applications to you electronically?

A: Yes, you may submit applications directly to us by using the email address publichealth@townhall.plymouth.ma.us and schedule a time to submit payment in person in order to receive your license/permit. As we will make the transition to seamless online payments in 2018 you will be able to submit your payment and documentation at the same time ALL ELECTRONICALLY.