This health literacy initiative will begin the week of August 20 with 1-hour discussion sessions to take place about the book selected to read during each two-week period. There will be online bi-weekly challenges to test your health literacy and prize drawings (worth $50) at every meeting! Participants that sign up two weeks in advance at the Plymouth Public Library for each topic will also be awarded their own copy of the book that will be discussed for the selected topic. A limit of 10 books for each health literacy topic (6 topics to total 60 books) will be awarded, so make sure to sign up quickly!

Click here to register for the first meeting on August 28th. First 10 registrants will be awarded free books. Meeting is limited to 15 participants.

Health Literacy Books Flyer

Meetings will be held from 6-7pm at the Plymouth Public Library Board Room. Please complete the pre-assessment before the meeting by clicking on the topics below.

Meeting Dates:

August 28: Women’s and Men’s Health

September 11: Adolescent Health

September 25: Mental Health and Wellness

October 9: Obesity and Nutrition

October 23: Tobacco and Smoking

November 6: Public Health and Emergency Preparedness

Buy the books here:

Being Mortal



The Mind-Gut Connection

Ripping Clouds

A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters