youth-active-jump-happy-40815Substance Abuse Prevention

Mental Wellbeing

The population’s mental and behavioral health are imperative for overall health and well-being in the Town of Plymouth. In our modern society there is no escaping the impacts to your mental and behavioral health due to the many social determinants of health influencing both. For instance, according to the CDC’s 2005 Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report titled The Role of Public Health in Mental Health Promotion the onset, progression, and outcome of other infections, illnesses, or disease is influenced by your mental health state. Such an influence extends to behavioral health in such a way that there is often an association with substance abuse (inclusive of alcohol, tobacco products including vaping, and other drugs) and physical inactivity. As more scientific data emerges, it appears that your mental or cognitive state is linked to your behavioral state and a strong social determinant (i.e. natural and physical environment) acts as an upstream influence on the two. The factors you are exposed to in your environment can positively or negatively influence mental and behavioral health.