Summer Internship Program2018 Public Health Rotation Students

Community Health Strategist Fellow: Danielle Willett

Local Public Health Epidemiologist: Linda Unis 

Environmental Health Strategist: Rootu Shah

Clinical Services Liaison: Krupali Patel

Public Health Coordinator: Margot Hoagland


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As supported by the American Public Health Foundation, we aim to strengthen the links between public health practice and academia and to lessen the separation between the education of public health professionals and the practice of public health. We serve as a site for joint education, research, and practice. Our academic public health department (APHD) model brings together best public health practices and academia/research for effective and valuable experience for each individual. It can develop the current and future public health workforce, build the evidence base for public health, and better deliver the Essential Public Health Services in the Town of Plymouth.

We encourage applications from those in their entering their 4th or 5th year of undergraduate study in a field of public health or one closely related to it from the health science background. The more advanced levels of public health rotations or practicum experiences are geared toward students obtaining an MPH, PhD, or DrPH. If you are a student seeking placement please have your faculty advisor contact our department. For more information about our APHD please visit the contact us page to submit your inquiry about our public health rotation process.